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I help each woman know that, without question, she is beautiful
exactly as she is right now!
Think you are not good enough... think again...
Here's why over 100 women are part of our Leslie's Lovely Ladies FB Group Community, book photo shoots with us, and encourage other women everyday!
Rooted in Beauty Photography LLC
I cannot change how you look, but I can show you how beautiful you are right now!

ROOTED IN BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHY IS BUILT ON THE PHILOSOPHY THAT every woman is worth celebrating, being pampering, and discovering the confidence needed to fully love themselves!
MY MISSION IS to tell the story of each woman who steps in front of my camera in a way that captures her internal beauty while also celebrating the perfect imperfection that make her completely unique.  

BOUDOIR IS a collection of tasteful, yet sensual images in all stages of dress and undress that reflects the personality and radiant beauty of a woman learning how to be comfortable in her own skin, forever changing how she sees herself giving her the strength, confidence, and a self-loving attitude that will allow her to accomplish any task put in her path! In short, a perfect opportunity to re-imagine, recapture, reinvent, and reawaken who you are now and who you would like to become. 
I am rooted in beauty
I stand tall and proud reveling in my self-worth
I embrace my branches and all that makes me unique
I take time to be grateful for all my body provides
I will never stop growing and reaching for the sun
I am rooted in beauty
About me... let's see... I've lived in Alexandria, Virginia for about 7-years now with my husband, dog, cat, and 7-month-old son, Liam.

Currently my world revolves around this little squish, my son is my world and the reason I am going to succeed in this photography thing! I want to be living my best life, so I can use my talents to not only empower the lives of the women I work with, but to set an example for Liam that success does not have to mean grinding it out at some 9-5 job, but one that you wake up and feel joy to go to.

Some fun facts...
1.  I was born on April Fools Day
2.  I grew up in Southern Pennsylvania
3.  I have been interested in photography for about 12 years now, I've shot weddings, portraits, you name it.
4.  I collect frog and turtles (no live ones
5.  My favorite instrument is the steel drum (think Little Mermaid's Under the Sea)
6.  I love Sy-Fy and fantasy movies and books
7.  My goal, to strip away all the negative filters for women and to show them the woman they are right now and the woman the rest of the world already sees everyday.

There's obviously more I could tell, but I'd rather us schedule a FREE planning consultation and meet each other in person! 

Welcome! Meet Leslie Arakelian
Alexandria, VA Premier Boudoir Photographer
I'm about to share with you the secret to self-confidence I've discovered after being a photographer for the last 12 years.

After photographing hundreds of women for boudoir portraits, I've found one thing most women have in common before their photo shoot.
Most women show up to the shoot thinking they won't look as good as the women on my website, that they need to lose 10 pounds first, that they're "not photogenic", or that they won't love the photos of themselves. This is common, sadly, most women don't believe in their beauty....yet.

I've also found one thing every woman I've photographed has in common at the end of their photoshoot....

...complete self confidence.

So what is it about a boudoir shoot that can change so many women's perspectives of themselves?
I believe the answer is: investing in yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, and seeing yourself through somebody else's eyes (and lens).

In the beginning of each of my photo shoots, I show my client one of the first photos we take from the back of my digital camera. This photo is unretouched, unedited, just straight out of the camera.

I've had reactions ranging from disbelief, to thrilled shrieks, to happy tears .

This is the first moment of them believing in their beauty.
This truly is life changing stuff.
After this initial step my clients only gain more and more confidence throughout the shoot, it's a complete blast.
The whole day feels like a fun girls day...
...and they end up with empowerment, raised confidence, and beautiful artwork from the day.
If any of this sounds good to you, I'd love to get you some more information.
How Might We Work Together ?
I highly suggest that we at least have a 15-minute phone/video conversation, if meeting in person is too difficult for your schedule. This meeting is where we will get to know each other. I'll learn what motivated you, what you find sexy, and what you LOVE about your body.

By getting to know you and building a foundation of trust and friendship we will be able to work together to build the best session that will truly make you shine! I promise to help guide you through the entire process from booking, getting your makeup consultation setup, discussing styling and outfit choices, posing, to the same Day Viewing and Ordering Session where you will have the option to purchase beautiful heirloom products that will forever capture your inner and outer beauty whether you plan to share these photos with a special someone or keep them all to yourself.

This meeting also sets expectations of what you are comfortable with, and what you’d like to try that are just outside your current comfort level, such as pose for a white sheet implied nude photo. We will set all expectations, wishes, and WILL NOTS in writing in the Model Release Form and in the Boudoir Agreement Contract that both of us will sign.

Questions to ask yourself before scheduling your consultation! 
     - Why do you want photos taken? 
     - What THREE WORDS sum up your photo shoot? (Hint, my business is based on Confidence, Beauty, and Empowerment)
     - What do you want the FINAL IMAGES to look and feel like?
     - Where in your home will you display the photos?
     - What would your IDEAL shoot be like? (Think locations, themes, mood, lighting, outfits, the sky is really the limit!)
     - What is your definition of sexy? 
     - And Most importantly, what body parts do you absolutely LOVE and WHY!
In many ways, the investment in yourself drastically outweighs the monetary one. By taking this time to pamper and love on yourself, you will leave with a completely new outlook on life not to mention a collection of beautiful heirloom images that will be cherished memories for both you and your loved ones for years and generations to come! On top of that, your session fee includes a hair and makeup appointment that will help you get the best out of your session. 
It is completely normal to be nervous before your session, feel the nerves but be willing to step outside your natural comfort zone and be daring. By now most of the session styling details have been ironed out and all you have to worry about is having a good time. I will be there to model the poses for you and use simple coaching actions to get stunning results.
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Contact me at anytime!
I don't know about you, but the spammers have gotten hold of my phone number and 90% of my calls are robots... and not the adorable Wall-E kind... So, sadly, if you call me on the phone please leave me a voicemail or send me a text message and I will call you right back!


Mailing Address:
5810 Kingstowne Center Drive, Suite 120 
Alexandria, VA 22315
Become A VIP And Be Entered In The Draw To Win A Photoshoot Valued At $300 Every. Single. Month!
As a VIP you will be sent our monthly newsletter and be the first to 
know about exclusive events, promotions, and limited time sales.
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