Customer Journey

Virtual Coffee Chat

(15-20 minutes)

This phone call will last approximately 15-20 minutes and will be a chance for us to chat and get to know each other. I will ask you some questions, listen, and take notes. Once you’ve told me what your goals for the session are I will go over a bit about my business, the customer journey (You’re reading that right now!), and how it fits into your vision. Once we determine that we are a good fit, we will discuss pricing and how to book the session. At this point I will assign you some homework (yeah, I know yuck..) and we will pick a date to meet up at your in-person consultation.

Side Note: I know your ears probably perked up at the mention of pricing, so let go over that briefly.

I am of the opinion that pricing should not be overly complex. To book your session and reserve the spot on my calendar I only require you to pay the creation/session fee, this varies by shoot type, so please ask me for more details.

I offer a limited investment menu that features wall art in both framed, metal, and canvas options, two sizes of albums, and gift prints (8x10s and smaller). All wall art options come priced with 3 styles of included frames and 2 upgrade frames for an additional price, these prices are determined by supplier availability and will be quoted case by case.

And while I do not sell my hi-res digital images I do give smaller web-friendly digitals of every image purchased!

Homework (Prior to In-Person Consultation)

Okay, remember that homework I mentioned?

Yeah, this is where that comes into play!

So, what homework does a photographer give?

The fun kind! I want you to create a vision board with at least 10 images that will help illustrate how you want your photoshoot to look, feel, taste, even smell! I am a very visual person and this will also help you to plan and dream big about what we can accomplish whether it's for your family's session, or a boudoir session just for you, it is important to have the end goal in mind before setting out!

So, how do you begin?

My favorite tool for planning my sessions, life, crafts, etc… is Pinterest! This website is an amazing resource of visual elements on just about every topic, it's amazing what you can find with a few words in the search bar.

If you are more a paper and glue girl, grab a stack of old magazines, books, newspapers, etc… and go to town pulling words and images that tell the story of your photoshoot.

Still need more guidance? No worries, I’ve got you covered!

Follow the link to download a few simple prompts to get your brain dreaming big!

Send Me My Vision Board Homework!

In-Person Planning Consultation

(15-20 minutes)

Woot! (Yes, Woot!) You put in the work and dreamed BIG! I’m proud of you!

During this consultation we will sit down, go over your vision board, and begin digging into planning themes, outfits, locations, and anything else to help make you dream come true (within our reasonable abilities, flying to Tahiti may be pushing it…) Feel free to reach out to me at any time before your session if you want to bounce ideas around or have me look at outfits, I am here for you!

Side Note: Preparing and planning your session in a series of posts all to their own, and I promise that info is coming!

We will talk about the wall art, books, albums I offer and you will get a chance to see each and start thinking about how you personally would prefer to display these photos in your home. I love sending my clients home with large artwork to decorate their walls, but I also recognize that wall space at a premium (Especially if you're in a townhouse like me..). If that’s you, or maybe you’re military and you PCS every few years… maybe an album or book is the way to go! Whatever you decide, I want to make sure it fits you and your family's lifestyle!

After we’ve created a game plan for your session, I will briefly go back over pricing, the customer journey, my no Hi-Res digitals policy, about the 1-hour In-Person Presentation/Ordering appointment (Keep reading it’s #4), and have you sign a model release form.

The model release form is just a simple agreement stating that you give me permission to photograph you and your family. Especially important if any of the models are minors. It also grants me permission to use photographs from your session in my online and offline marketing. We can go back to this form at the presentation if there are specific photos you’d prefer I not use.

Once, all the formalities are discussed and agreed upon I will collect the Creation/session fee and book your session date on my calendar!

Congratulations, you are officially a Rooted in Beauty Photography client!

Day of Photo Session

1-2 Hours

How to prep before your session:

  • Hydrate! Drink your water, it help make your skin glow and keep you feeling your best.
  • Eat a meal before you come! Not eating won't make you look different, it will just make you hangry.
  • Avoid tinted beverages that could stain teeth.
  • If you're opting for hair and makeup, come with your face washed, no makeup, and clean dry hair.
  • Come to you session in loose fitting cloth (boudoir) to minimize strap marks on your skin.
  • Pay attention to nails and skin care, these are extremely hard to fix in post.
  • Try to avoid getting bruises or sunburns (odd tan lines); if you tan plan to go a week before your session to let it even out.

The timeline:

The timeline of your session will depend on who is being photographed.

However, Most of my sessions range from 1 to 2 hours, and include up to 3 outfits and a single location. If more is time/outfits/locations are needed it should be brought to my attention at the In-Person Consultation prior to the session.

I will assist with posing and help keep the environment light and comfortable. So, just show up, relax, and let's have some fun! Sometimes the most unexpected and unplanned things yield the best photos so don’t fret if things don’t go ‘According to plan.’

If you opted to have your hair and makeup done, you will need to arrive an hour before your session, or at your appointment time to get that started. Please arrive at the appointment with a clean face and washed and dried hair, unless told otherwise by the stylist.

If there are children being photographed we are mostly on their schedule. I typically spend the first 10-15 minutes playing with the kids and getting to know the family. It usually takes about that long for the kids to get used to me (the stranger-danger) and my camera.

Presentation & Ordering Appointment

(10-30 minutes; 3-4 weeks after ordering appointment)

Once you come back to pick up your order, we can also look at framing options for larger prints.

I will have a selection of frames for you to choose from. All wall art options come priced with 3 styles of included frames and 2 upgrade frames for an additional price, these prices are determined by supplier availability and will be quoted case by case.

We can also discuss adding on a box of 25 or more cards with your favorite image for the holidays, birthday, graduation, or just because!

If you’ve opted to purchase an upgraded frame or card, I will tally the new total and credit your order the amount of the included frame. If needed we can discuss payment plans.

At this point, all that's left is for me to send your large print off to the framer. It typically takes about 4-6 weeks to get a framing order back.

* Referral Credit & Testimonials:

Referrals and testimonial are a huge part of my business model and I would love to spoil you with print credits for sharing your experience with your family and friends!

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