Booking, Cancellation, and Investment

How far out should I plan to schedule my session with you?

I suggest scheduling at least 1-3 months out, the reason for this is that I am currently only able to take on 24 sessions per YEAR and give the level of attention to each client that they deserve.

What is the purpose of the discovery call phone consultation? Do we have to do that?

Yes, I highly suggest that we at least have a 15-minute phone conversation, this meeting is where we will get to know each other. I learn what motivated you, what you find sexy, and what you LOVE about your body. It is here that we will start planning styling options, locations, themes, outfits, lighting, you name it! This meeting also sets expectations of what you are comfortable with, and what you’d like to try that are just outside your current comfort level, such as pose for a white sheet implied nude photo. We will set all expectations, wishes, and WILL NOTS in writing in the Model Release Form and in the Boudoir Agreement Contract that both of us will sign.

Here are my favorite questions to ask during a consultation!

  • Why do you want to have photos taken?
  • What do you want the FINAL IMAGES to look and feel like?
  • Where in your home will you display the photos?
  • What is your IDEAL shoot? (Think locations, themes, mood, lighting, outfits, the sky’s the limit)
  • And most importantly, what body parts do you absolutely LOVE and WHY!

How do I book a session with you?

The booking process starts during the no-pressure discovery call. When we mutually decide that we are a good fit I will compile all the planning notes about what you want your session to look and feel like, make sure that we are both clear on expectations, your wishes, and your WILL NOTS. Once we have all necessary items in writing and your non-refundable retainer (Also called, session fee) is paid, you will be sent a digital Boudoir Contract Agreement with Model Release Form that we will both sign. After I have received both, you will officially be booked with Rooted in Beauty Photography! Yippee!

What is the cost to reserve my session date on your calendar?

The non-refundable retainer amount varies depending on scope of your service and serves to reserves your date and gets a hair & makeup artist booked for your session. Payment plans are available upon request, but full payment must be received at least 2 weeks prior to your session.

Click here for our current pricing

How much can I expect to invest on this session?

You can plan to invest at least a week having a ball planning your session outfits; up to three hours spent getting pampered with professional hair, makeup, and photography; 10-15 minutes being nervous in front of the camera; and a lifetime of pride that you triumphed over your nerves and earned a beautiful collection of heirloom products for generations of your family to cherish and remember you by. How much is that worth to you?

Average product sales starts at $2500

If something unavoidable comes up, can I reschedule my session!?

Yes, I will do my best to reschedule your session one time using the initial retainer paid, however a second session reschedule will be subject to paying the full retainer again.

Portrait Session

Where will my session be at? Can I suggest a location?

Currently I am holding sessions at ____________, Virginia. This location allows me the space and creative freedom to create the stunning photographs you deserve. However, I am open to shooting in client suggested locations upon request and only ask that you research and pay for any resulting photography fees that location may have before the day of the session.

  • If you desire a home or office shoot there will be an extra fee of $1000.

You will help me with posing, right?!

Absolutely! I fully understand the nerves here (I get them myself). I do not expect you to walk in knowing how to pose yourself, unless you are a professional model. Regardless, you can rest assured that I will fully (and usually dramatically) demonstrate every pose I would like you to try each pose to help add variety to your photos. Please note that I said ‘try’ this process is just that a process we will try a lot, some will work, some may not- And some will be breathtaking!

Can I bring a friend to my session?

Yes, you can! Whether you want to share a session with your mom, sister, best friend, or just need a (female) friend or family member for moral support I want you to be comfortable.

Can boyfriend/fiancé/ husband come?

Sorry, no. He is more than welcome to meet you after for a couple quick photograph together, but I want the session to be unapologetically ALL ABOUT YOU!

Is hair and makeup included with my session? How should I arrive to my session?

Yes ma’am. While you are perfect just the way you are, why not add the proverbial cherry on top with professionally applied hair and makeup! The artists will arrive at the studio and begin pampering you! Remember to give open and honest feedback to the artist as we are not satisfied until you are!

The artist asks that you arrive with washed hair containing no products and a clean makeup free face. I ask that you do not wear tight clothing or straps that will leave marks on your skin; drink red or other pigmented beverages that could stain you lips or teeth; stay plenty hydrated; and get plenty of sleep!

What in the world should I wear / bring for my session?

I won’t lie… this is the hardest question to answer. I know most think boudoir and automatically go to the skimpy leather and lace lingerie imagery, but never fear it DOES NOT have to be that way. BUT IT CAN IF YOU WANT IT!

That’s the beauty of the Style & Concept Consultation!

This is where I will come to your home, help you shop your closet, and pick out the perfect outfits for your session. I recommend spending a few moments to come up with 3 words that will represent how your final images feel to you, for example, timeless, classy, formal or fun, casual, sexy.

Next, set a goal to collect at least 10 images what sexy means to you. These images can be of outfits, locations, mood lighting, color schemes anything at all! Once you have these image, deciding on outfits and props to bring should be a piece of cake.

Still wanting examples?

A great pair of curve hugging jeans, a man’s collared shirt and tie, a stunning cocktail dress, your favorite cozy outfit, that piece hanging in your closet that make people’s heads turn, a pair of heels or sexy boots. The list is endless… but make sure to bring accessories and jewelry that add to your sessions them!

The goal is for you to feel confident and sexy in what you are wearing! When all else fails, a white bed sheet is a stunning and playful look that is easily achieved.

I suggest bringing about 5-10 options with accessories, the reasoning is that not all of it will work for one reason or another and we will want as many varieties in the looks as we can get!

Can I go Nude?

If your comfortable I am down to shoot some tasteful nudes or implied nude images! A model release form will be signed during your consultation meeting where we will go over what you are and are not comfortable with during your session, but you can always choose to be adventurous in the moment if you like.

Post-Production, Ordering Session, and Product Package

Who will see my photos?

After your session, the only people to see your images will be myself and my editing assistant. I promise that none of your photos will be posted online without your written and signed consent. After your Image Presentation & Ordering Appointment, about two weeks after the session, it is completely up to you who you’d like to share the photos with and what images you’d prefer for me to use in my online portfolio and marketing.

You’re going to edit these photos, right?!

Yes, I am. My editing style is very light and natural. My goal is to never change your body, just to help with light skin smoothing, blemishes, and unflattering wardrobe areas so that you still look like you but on your best day.

When will I be able to see my photos?

After the session, I will go through all the images shot and pick the best images to retouch. Once the images are retouched, about two weeks after the session, I will contact you to schedule your Image Presentation & Ordering Appointment. At this meeting, we will sit down together and go through each final photo, pick your favorites, and choose products that will meet all your needs. All product orders must be paid in full before your products will be ordered and delivered to you.

Payment plans are available upon request and a 10% discount will be given to those who pay in full during the ordering session.

Do you deliver every image from the session? How many photos will I receive?

The short answer is no. I will be shooting A LOT and only a small percentage of those shots will meet my brands standard of quality. It is my opinion that quality greatly outweighs quantity and I strive to give you only the best images.

The number of images will vary from session to session.

Do I get print rights to my photos?

Yes, you do! Every product you purchase be it a collection or individual piece comes with the corresponding Hi-Res digital images and a print release, I will always retain the copyright to the images.

Please be aware that I cannot be held responsible for the color quality at any print lab, other than my own. For this reason, I suggest that my clients order their prints from

What do most people buy?

Most decide to purchase a value bundle of at least 25 images, which includes 8x10”matted prints and a portfolio image box. At 25 images they might decide to order an album instead of the matted prints and portfolio box.

In addition to the value bundles, many of my clients opt to purchase wall art for a few rooms in their homes and offices.

A popular combination is the 20x30 canvas, 10x10 Album

How long do you keep photos?

I will keep your photos for about 15 days after your order session then they will be archived. If you’d like to have access to the photos after that point they can be added to an online gallery for an additional $200.

How long does it take to receive the products? And how will they get to me?

8-12 weeks, all depending on the specific product. Please plan ahead if you are gifting these products so we can make sure that they arrive with plenty of time to spare.

Once the products arrive, I will review them for any flaws from the print lab, if none exist I will package the products up and contact you to schedule a convenient time for me to drop them off or for you to pick up. Once you take possession of the products I would like you to also look them over and sign a form stating that there were no flaws at the time of pickup.

Album Care: Store all albums in a temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled environment to keep them looking their best. Use a soft cloth to remove fingerprints, avoiding solvents or water which could cause damage. Carefully apply a simple leather conditioner to your genuine leather album cover to remove any scratches or scuffs that occur.

One-hour Photoshoot

The one-hour photoshoot package is the perfect package for you if you don't have a lot of free time in your schedule, want to do a solo and casual shoot, or are including young children.

What's included:

  • One-hour of photography time
  • One location (On-Location)
  • In-person Style & Concept Consultation
  • Hair & makeup application
  • Goal Driven Photoshoot
  • In-person guided image selection & ordering process
  • Wall art installation

Model For A Day

Looking for more of a lifestyle shoot?

With the Model for a Day option we can spend four-hours together, visit multiple locations to really capture every aspect of your personality.

What's included:

  • Four-hour of photography time
  • Up to Three Locations (Studio and/or On-Location)
  • In-person Style & Concept Consultation
  • Hair & makeup application
  • Goal Driven Photoshoot
  • In-person guided image selection & ordering process
  • Wall art installation


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