About Leslie

Hello! My name is Leslie Arakelian

(I know, it's a tricky one… AR-KE-lee-en).

I am a small-town Pennsylvania girl transplanted into the suburbs of D.C. (And I love it!) I am also a military spouse, and a mother to a rambunctious toddler, who turns three on Halloween morning (3:39AM, the witching hour, no less!), and a Photographer that focuses on helping Moms connect to themselves in a meaningful way.

I do this by giving them a visual reminder of what an awesome individual they are and to help them step into that power. I do this through a stress- free and fully customized photo session. Every client experience begins with a discovery call and in-home consultation where we shop your closet, clarify your session vision, and plan how to dress you home and walls with love. The session itself, is fully guided and all about mom for the first half, then if she wishes we can bring in family members to close out the session.

I started my business officially when my son, Liam was 4-month old so I technically have two toddlers, but I've had a camera in my hand since I was little with my mom's film point & shoot. I interned with a wedding photographer during college and within a few years decided it wasn't for me. I much prefer the ability to meet with a woman 1-1 and in small family groups better, as we have the time to truly connect. My goal is to always turn clients into friends!

And I pride myself on being an excellent listener and helping even the shy girls (like me) to peek out of their shell and have an awesome experience in front of the camera!

One of the many photographs we found among my

grandfather's possessions, titled "Mother."

We are 'More than Mom'

Rooted in Beauty Photography is a full service portrait photographer that helps moms to see their worth and to create a visual legacy that lasts for generations.

My overarching mission is to help cultivate a cultural shift from emphasizing outward beauty to embracing inner beauty and the perfect imperfections.

It is my hope that with each woman I photograph I leave her in a position of empowerment and strength to continue her journey of self love and acceptance and with her new found perspective positively influence her family and children to be kinder with both themselves and others who might seem ‘different’. Thus changing the world.

After becoming a Mama, I realized how easy it is to let the kiddos take the spotlight.

My goal is to reflect some of that light back on the Mamas who typically run the show behind the scenes.

Rooted in Beauty Photography’s mission is to provide excellent Portrait photography services that helps more women feel comfortable and confident in themselves, while making the photography process simple, efficient, and stress-free.

Our vision is to be considered the premiere portrait photography practice for women so they can focus inward on themself and learn to love themselves in every aspect of their lives.

I strive to achieve all of that by by adhering to three simple values:

Help others to help yourself -

We get what we give. Our passion is in photographing women in a way that helps them to see and truly appreciate their natural beauty. We achieve our goal only when our client achieves theirs. We put every ounce of our ability into gaining the best understanding possible of our clients needs and strive to tailor the photo session and the experience to match. Our reward is their joyful heart when they first see their images and finally, without a doubt understand that they are gorgeous! We only achieve our goals when our clients are happy and have traveled farther down the path of self-love than when they started their journey with us.

Honesty is the best policy -

Honesty is essential in all things. We strive to be known for our honest and trustworthy nature both in our personal and professional lives. Photography works best when there is an element of trust and comfort in knowing that the person you are working with will voice their honest opinion in a constructive way that is caring and honors the feelings of others. Our goal is to be open with you, tell you the truths you need to hear, and foster a friendship that lasts well after the photo session is over.

No drama, Mama! -

We are driven by the fact that we are serving a higher purpose and doing good things for the world. We exploit laughter, fun, and enjoyment, yet we do it at no one's expense. Our positivity is undeniable. Our clients are all friends that we like and respect. That is why we ask that all baggage be left at the door and we absolutely do not permit any negative self talk or drama!

My Story

Are you ready for your inside-out transformation?

I currently only work with four clients at any given time to give them the support they need to achieve their Dream Photoshoot.

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