Daughter of the King. (Really. It is my most true identity. And God, my Father, honestly does delight in me. I find I must keep reminding myself of this.)

Bride of Christ. (Loved and cherished and pursued by Jesus. When I am rooted in this truth, I am fearless in loving, full of joy and tenacious in fighting for the hearts of others.)

Follower of the Wild Goose. (I like this Celtic title for the Holy Spirit. Indeed, my spiritual journey feels like a wild goose chase, exciting, full of ups and downs, and I never know where I will be led next!)

Wife to Drew. (For almost a quarter of a century now!)

Mum to Tirzah & Mom to JD.

We all live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, with 2 cats, 4 apple trees, and a pitiful little garden that doesn’t seem to produce much. But I keep hoping and planting. 

I drink tea every morning, savor chocolate quite frequently, and never tire of making & eating homemade, wood-fired pizza. 

On the 2nd Tuesday of every month, you’ll find me at a friend’s house, enjoying book club, and on the other Tuesdays, you might see me at the yarn shop, sitting around the tables, clicking needles and laughing with fellow knitters.

It’s hard to take a walk with me, because I’m always stopping to take photos of every tiny wildflower or lovely leaf I notice—or at least, that’s how my family experiences it.

I am continually amazed by the play of colors in batik fabrics, hand-dyed yarns and all sorts of artwork. I’m fascinated by fire, the ocean, and the mountains. If I had a few more lifetimes, I would learn to blow glass, throw pottery and speak multiple languages.  

As a woman, I long to find my way to places where my particular beauty reflects to others a piece of God’s infinite beauty in a way that stirs up a longing for more of Jesus. 

So, I’m cultivating the habit of joining with my Father in the process as He transforms my dirt into the image of Jesus.

You can email me at:    Annie@RootedinBeauty.com