Welcome to Rooted in Beauty! I'm glad you're here.

My name is Annie. I think deeply, question almost everything and love to explore ideas. (More about me, here.)

Rooted in Beauty springs from over a decade of thinking, questioning and exploring the topic of Beauty. My plan is to keep this space open for one year (September 2015 through August 2016), and then re-evaluate. I hope you will join me in considering this oft-neglected aspect of our lives.

Here's what to expect on a weekly basis: I offer you quotes to consider (on Mondays), posts to ponder (on Tuesdays), and examples of beauty to enjoy (on Wednesdays), then dare you to digger deeper (on Fridays).

I write about various areas of life, considering how beauty affects us by its presence or absence, showing how we are designed to create beauty and driven seek it out, as well as observing how we reflect our Creator and bring beauty to the world we live in. Beauty has many facets. Through Rooted in Beauty I hope to make us more aware of beauty, in general, and more aware of God’s beauty, in particular. 

Beauty abounds in the physical world, certainly. Beauty exists in our physical bodies, undeniably. Yet true beauty flows through the physical without originating from the physical. It is easy to confuse beauty and the vessels it flows through. Not wishing to be mislead, we often try to separate them, as if they were not linked and influenced one by the other.

Beauty is a conduit between our hearts and God’s. Rooted in Beauty considers what messages are carried along this conduit and why it is so important to us. As we cultivate a deeper appreciation for beauty and its connection to God’s heart, my hope is to develop a new approach to beauty in our daily lives. 

I invite you to join in the conversations. Leave a comment, pose a question, offer your observations, share your experience, and especially, open our eyes to the beauty you see.


Please Note:

As one who loves Jesus Christ, I approach the topic of beauty from these elemental perspectives: 

  • Recognition of God’s beauty as the source of all true beauty; 
  • Awareness that the whole of creation speaks of God’s love of beauty; and 
  • Delight in our status as image-bearers of this beautiful, beauty-loving and beauty-creating God.

While anyone may join the conversations of Rooted in Beauty, these perspectives themselves are not open for exploration here; they are the basis for our exploration. Should you wish to debate these assumptions, there are many other places to do so.

Thank you.